B20 Emperor Series Master Pack

$1,419.50 $1,029.50

Combining the best aspects of our Lad Legend and Tang Dragon series, the all new B20 Emperor series delivers on many levels. With full warm attack and a smooth wash, the B20 Emperors can fit the bill on many applications. Whether you need the power to bring out the metal or the balanced finish and stick definition to accent the dynamics of more intricate compositions, these will suit most any need. As always, they are hand crafted from initial casting to final finish and can be produced in match sets or individual pieces.


The Master Pack includes the following cymbals:

  • 10″ Splash ***FREE
  • 12″ Splash ***FREE
  • 14″ Hi-hat
  • 16″ Crash
  • 16″ Ozone
  • 18″ Crash
  • 18″ Holy China
  • 20″ Ride

*Includes Free Cymbal bag

*Shipping and Handling included.


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