B10 Age Dynasty Master Pack

$1,000.50 $713.00

Don’t think that to achieve a pro-level sound you need to spend a fortune. The B10 Age Dynasty series uses centuries of know how to create an affordable cymbal that can deliver on stage or in the studio. With crisp attack and quick decay, the B10 Age Dynasty series sound the compares to other cymbals that cost 2-3 times as much. Centent Cymbals is proud of the heritage that goes into producing the B10 Age Dynasty series and they can make a great addition to your cymbal line up.   


The Master Pack includes the following cymbals:

  • 10″ Splash ***FREE
  • 12″ Splash ***FREE
  • 14″ Hi-hat
  • 16″ Crash
  • 16″ Ozone
  • 18″ Crash
  • 18″ Holy China
  • 20″ Ride

*Includes a FREE Cymbal Bag.

*Shipping and Handling included.


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