B20 Super Sets


B20 Super Set Sale

Choose from 11 different B20 lines to forge your sound.


Centent B20 Super Sets are forged as matched sets offering drummers not only a great sound but affordability as well. Choose from 11 different lines all handcrafted using both traditional methods and modern know how to bring out the best in tone and quality. Centent Super Sets include the following:

10″ Splash

14″ Hats

16″ & 18″ Crashes

16″ Ozone

18″ China

20″ Ride

Each set also includes FREE shipping and FREE Laser etching on each cymbal for your name or logo.


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Ardor, B20 Age, B20 Dark Star, Emperor, Lad, Meteor, Mist, Sparks, Tang, Xtt, Xz